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Mills, Wyoming 82644
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About Us

EXCAL the result of the merger of two California foundries, Acra-Cast Foundries Inc. and Buckeye Brass Foundry Inc. Both foundries had been in business for more than forty-five years.

In the fall of 1990, Fred Harmon of Buckeye Brass asked Acra-Cast owners Don and Dennis Harper, if they would be interested in joining their business with his and move to a new facility in Wyoming. The two companies then merged under the name of

By December 1990 they found and purchased a twenty-five acre site southwest of Casper, WY, in the town of Mills. The selected area provided an ample labor force, reliable electric power, and is centrally located to provide easy access to rail, interstate, and airline services.

The first pour was made in December 1991. By March of 1992 the foundry was in full production. Since then EXCAL has continued to grow and develop business worldwide.

EXCAL is committed to providing total customer satisfaction through continuous improvements. We will continue to lead the industry with the commitment to environmentally-sound processes, which will assure the needs of our partners now and in the future.