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Casting Capabilities

EXCAL is committed to delivering the finest quality products and services to our customers while respecting the environment. By doing so, EXCAL contributes to the security and success of our employees, customers and community.
Core Making

Excal recently installed a Palmer Coremaker enabled with RFID (radio-frequency identification tags).  According to Mike Baures, Excal’s Plant Manager, “This equipment allows us to compete with lower prices from off-shore foundries because we can truly guarantee quality.  But that’s not all – our productivity has increased 65% versus our prior system.” 

PHOTO: Palmer CoreMaker with RFID 

Excal’s installation was recently published in RFID Journal and can be viewed here:

Other examples include:

• Laempe LL10 automated core production machine.
• B&P automatic shell core machines
• Hansberg isocure core shooters with digital blending and
gassing stations.
• Electric induction furnaces with pouring capabilities up 11,000 lbs
per hour.
• 1 Hunter HMP-20D Fully automatic molding machine with a mold size of 20-in x 24-in. Equipped with a HV20R 3-tier carousel cooling system.
• 1 Hunter HMP-20G Fully automatic molding machine with a mold size of 20 in. x 24-in; Equipped with a HV20R 3-tier carousel cooling system.
• Air -Set No-bake Molding department for large, complex or loose pattern casting needs. Fully automatic sand reclamation from mold shake out back to continuous sand mixer.
• Jolt squeeze molding for lower volume matchplate production.
• Wide variety of cutting and grinding equipment with Wheelabrator shot blast machines to provide the most cost effective means for cleaning varying types of casting designs.
• 4 CNC turning units
• 2 CNC vertical mill units
• All centers fully programmed offline on CAD CAM